Viewing Alarms


You can view all the alarms in a single console under Alarms tab.


This tab displays all the alarms with their source, status, date & time, and message. It shows a maximum of 5 alarms and the others are listed when you click the next link present on top of the table heading. Each column heading is a link, which when clicked sorts the alarms based on that column.


You can go to the device details page or the alarm details page with a single click. To see the details of the device that caused an alarm, click on the source link of the alarm. To see the details of the alarm, click the message of the alarm.


Just above the table on the top right corner there are options to acknowledge, clear, or delete alarms. To do any of these operations, select the specific alarms (by checking the checkbox), and clicking on the corresponding link. These options are also available for individual alarms in the alarm details page. It is advisable to do these operations from the details page.


You can even view the alarms depending on the criteria like Severity, Category or alarms generated between a specific time period. For this, you can choose the relevant options present under the heading 'Choose Criteria' and click on 'Show' button.

If needed, you can export the same to html, pdf, excel sheet and csv formats.


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