Starting OpStor Server


Where to Install OpStor :

To start OpStor server in Windows :

To start OpStor server in Linux :


Note: To receive the traps in 162 port, you must start the server as a 'root' user.

Note: Incase the port 162 is pre-occupied, you will see a message "Traps cannot be received on port 162" on the console. You can ignore the message and connect to OpStor client.

Note: For changing the port at which OpStor server is started, please refer to FAQs section. 


To start OpStor Server as a service in Windows, follow these steps (Incase you have not opted to install OpStor as a service during the installation of product):


  1. If you want to stop OpStor server, select the ManageEngineOpStor and stop the service (or) run the command "OpStorService.bat -p" under <OpStor Home>\bin.
  2. To remove the service, run the command "OpStorService.bat -r"


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