ManageEngine OpStor is designed as an affordable alternative to monitor multi-device, multi-vendor storage networks through a user-friendly Web-interface. Hassle-free installation, intelligent discovery algorithms, visual representation, fault detection & escalation features coupled with smart business reports make it a compelling choice for SME administrators.




How OpStor Works?


OpStor uses a 3-tier architecture, database-server-client, and a bundled PostgreSQL database. OpStor server and the database form the back-end, with server running business logic and database storing all the data. The client is web based intuitive. It shows comprehensive information about your storage network. OpStor server discovers the storage devices and its sub components and stores the data in the database. The OpStor client is a web based client, which provides multiple views of the storage devices and also offers rich set of reports and graphs to present the collected information to IT personnels.


Storage Devices: OpStor offers real-time visibility into the core storage devices such as RAIDs, tape libraries, and tape drives. It monitors the status and availability of all the storage devices, generates alarms when the device status changes, and generates business reports.


Interconnects: OpStor offers fine-grained view of the interconnects such as switches and HBAs. Apart from monitoring status, generating alarms and reports, OpStor also collects port-level data on various parameters on a regular basis and offers real-time graphing of port-level performance for troubleshooting.


Servers: OpStor monitors hosts in the storage environment which can be HP-UX, IBM-AX, Windows, or Linux. It monitors the status and availability of all the servers and generates alarms for server status change.


Fault Management: OpStor detects faults in the network through periodical status polling and generates color-coded alarms for the faults. It can also be configured to send an email / SMS to the administrator about the fault detected in the network.


Performance Management: OpStor measures the performance of the storage hardware, such as the utilization, traffic, errors, etc. by collecting data at regular intervals. These data are provided in the form of reports and graphs to the administrators.


Inventory Management: OpStor maintains an accurate inventory of storage resources, such as RAIDs, tape libraries, tape drives, switches, HBAs, and host servers. It provides options to add support information, location, and trouble tickets against each of the devices and provides meaningful reports to administrators to track the assets.


Web based client: OpStor has a web client that enables access to the OpStor server using a standard web browser, such as internet explorer and Mozilla. This provides administrators with the convenience of anywhere access at anytime. Using the remote client, OpStor can support multiple concurrent users.


This document covers the help topics for all the functions in the product.


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