Troubleshooting Tips


The various troubles that can occur in OpStor are listed below, classified as


Symptom Problem





OpStor server not starting in Port 80.

Either Port 80 is already in use by other application or In Linux platform OpStor is started with 'user' permissions which does not allow usage of wellknown ports.

  • If Port 80 is already in use, please free the port and try restarting OpStor server.

  • If 'user' permissions is the problem, please start OpStor with 'superuser' privileges.

Product does not come up and CPU utilization shoots up to 100%.

Windows XP and 2000 base versions have compatibility issue with jdk 1.5.

Install service pack 1 for Windows XP and service pack 4 for Windows 2000.

Forbidden error when accessing server started under root login.

The installation directory might not have the execute permission for others.

Lets assume that the product is installed under /root directory. To solve the problem provide execute permission for others to root directory.




Sometimes the map image does not get updated when I add/delete a device.

Sometimes the browser would maintain a cache of the map image and might not get the new image.

  • Do a ctrl+refresh of the map page.

  • Add '?reload=true' to the map page url and reload the page.

Client shows "Page cannot be displayed".

Server is not running in the specified port or not running at all.

  • If the server is not running, restart the server.

  • If the port in which the server is started is different, reconnect your client to the new port. (http://<server name>:<port>)

I see 'not available' in some columns in Device Details page.

Particular fields are not accessible or not available in the device to query by  OpStor.

Use 'Edit' option under 'Admin' login to populate such fields manually.




I added a device, but it is not discovered by OpStor.


  • The devices specified are not supported by OpStor or the agent in them might not be configured and running.

  • The server might not have access permission to the network in which the specified devices exist.

  • The details specified (like port, etc.) might be incorrect.

  • Check 'supported devices list' for the list of OpStor supported devices and the instructions to configure the agent in the devices.

  • Install OpStor in the same network as that of the storage devices or provide permission for the OpStor server to access the other network.

  • Add the devices again using the 'Manage Storage Devices' option in 'Admin' tab.



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