VMware ESX/ESXi Servers

Monitoring and Management of VMware ESX/ESXi Servers in SAN/NAS networks

VMware ESX / ESXi Server Management

As organizations move towards storage virtualization, the existing storage monitoring solution should be able to monitor the VMware servers along with its virtualized storage resources.

OpStor provides support for monitoring your VMware ESX / ESXi servers along with their individual instances. This enables you to monitor the Health, CPU Utilization and Memory Utilization of ESX server as well as for each virtual machine on the ESX server.

Asset Management

VMware ESX Asset Management
  • Up-to-date device summary (both for ESX server and the Virtual Machines)
  • Administrators can key in details such as device location, vendor details, and technical support info.
  • Complete system resources like CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, power state, etc. for both ESX servers and Virtual Machines.
  • Information related to HBAs and NIC cards connected to the VM hosts such as, status, speed, model etc.
  • Detailed information related to DataStores such as, name and type of datastore, total, used and free capacities, etc. are shown.

Fault Management

  • OpStor periodically polls the device to check for the health, availability and utilization of ESX servers.
  • Alerts on individual Virtual Machines status and also the power status.
  • Reports alarms to administrators through email or SMS messages based on customizable rules
  • Escalates unattended alarms to higher ups based on pre-defined rules.

Availability Trends

VMware ESX Server Availability
  • Availability reports of both ESX servers and the individual Virtual Machines are available. This includes availability trends, downtime history, MTTR, MTBF, etc.
  • You can generate the reports for various time periods such as today, yesterday, last N days, last week, this month, last month, and between two selected days.

Performance Reports

VMware ESX Server Performance
  • Reports for CPU usage, Memory usage, Memory Swapin/Swapout etc.
  • Performance reports for Disk Device Latency, Disk Total Latency, Disk Read /Write Rate, Network Data Tx/Rx Rate, Network Packet Tx/Rx Rate etc. are available.

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