Advanced IP scanner

Advanced IP Scanner by ManageEngine OpUtils leverages advanced network scanning capabilities, providing you hassle free IP scanning and management. With networks scaling to meet the day-to-day business needs, without an effective IP scanner software, managing network IP address space can be hectic. To manage these networks, OpUtils provides you a fail-proof, easy-to-use advance IP scanner as a network scanning software and monitor. Combined with Network Port Scanner, and IP tools, advanced IP scanner can efficiently perform IP scan and interface mapping.

Scanning IP addresses with OpUtils advance IP scanner

OpUtils is an IP address and switch port management software that acts as a powerful IP address scanner, enabling you to analyze your network in seconds. Comprising of advanced IP Scanner and monitor, OpUtils' enables you to conduct a scan on all devices in your network. OpUtils advanced IP scanner provides network administrators with crucial features such as:

  • IP Availability
  • Detailed information on scanned IPs
  • Periodic scanning
  • Connected switch details and custom columns
  • Subnet discovery from routers and MS DHCP servers
Advanced IP Scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

IP availability

The availability of an IP address in a network plays a vital role in various network-based diagnoses and decisions. Using spreadsheets instead of an IP network scanner can be a humongous task for the network admin, as said earlier. IP Advanced scanner integrates with AD to provide end-to-end scanning of your network IP address space in seconds.OpUtils' advanced IP network scanner provides the availability state of a given IP by scanning the network.

There are three states of IP availability:

Available: IP addresses that are freely available in the network that can be assigned to other requesting entities.

Transient: IP addresses typically associated with devices in the network that don't necessarily maintain continuous connection to the network.

Used: IP addresses in a network that are in use and cannot be assigned to any other MAC.

Click here to know more about how to use IP Advanced Scanner to view IP availability and to configure email alerts to notify about change in state.

The detailed insights into the IP availability provided by the advanced IP Scanner aids you to plan your network capacity based on your network address space availability.

Advance IP Scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

Detailed information on the scanned IPs

OpUtils' advanced IP scanner software provides detailed insights on scanned IP addresses. This network scanning software provides information on the status of IP->DNS, DNS->IP, DNS Status, Reserved Status, Status, Device Type, Connected Switch Ports, and more. Advanced IP Scanner end-to-end mapping capacity helps you gain visibility into your network device specific metrics right from your console. Advance IP Scanner Software also enables the network administrator to view and download detailed reports containing pertinent information on IP address scanning and monitoring for efficient diagnosis and operation of the scanned IP address. You can drill down to device specific details like Location, Last Alive Time, and Last Scan Time, with IP Address Scanner. Advance IP scanner also provides IP details like DNS status, Subnet Summary, NIC Summary, OS Type, and more.

Download Advanced IP Scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

Periodic scanning

One of the crucial steps in scanning, monitoring, and managing IP addresses is periodically scanning the IP ranges or subnets using an advanced IP scanner in order to track the availability and status of various IP addresses. OpUtils' advance IP scanner tool enables admins to conduct periodic scans on the subnets to ensure the consistency of IP status and availability being reflected to the admin. Advanced IP Scanner allows you to schedule scans to be performed in the following intervals: minutes, hours, daily, weekly, monthly, or only once. When compared to manually scanning your network, you can automate the process of periodic scanning. Advance IP Scanner enables a network admin to keep track of his network continually without having to scan manually.

IP Advanced Scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

Connected switch details and custom columns

The network admin can view the switches to which the scanned IPs are associated with under the "Connected Switch " column. The Custom Column feature of OpUtils' advanced IP scanner solution enables the user to add columns that can be used to store specific information on an IP. The IP scanner tool enables you to add any number of custom Using the IP Advance Scanner, the network admin can view the switches to which the scanned IPs are associated with under the "Connected Switch " column. The mapping data is provided by the network scanner. The Advanced IP Scanner pulls out this data with different network network protocols ensuring maximum coverage of your network devices. 

IP Scanner Tool - ManageEngine OpUtils

Subnet discovery form routers and MS DHCP servers

OpUtils' advanced IP scanner software enables admins to scan the network or a subnet range and discover all the devices in that range to obtain relevant data about the entities in the network. Providing agile subnet based tree hierarchy, Advance IP Scanner enables a network admin to manage multiple network subnets. OpUtils Advanced IP Scanner supports both IP V4 and IPV6 addressing. Admins can use OpUtils to scan the subnets in the following ways:

Add IPV4 subnets manually: Specify the subnet/network address, subnet mask, name, description, VLAN, and location details.

Import from CSV file: Directly import using a CSV file for bulk importing.

Add DHCP server: The IP range to be scanned can be added via a DHCP server by mentioning the server name and the Active Directory domain.

Adding routers: Add routers to discover the subnets. Routers are added by clicking on Settings > OpUtils > Routers.

Once the network range has been added, Advanced IP scanner scans it and displays all the available IPs in that network by conducting a network scan on the given range. Click here to know more about adding subnets to the advance IP Scanner.

Advanced IP Scanning - ManageEngine OpUtils

What is an advanced IP scanner?

An advanced IP scanner is an essential tool in networking that enables users to perform advance IP scans, to obtain information about the devices in a network. An advanced IP scanner tool provides enhanced network IP scanner functionalities to the network administrator and users to help the admin gain greater visibility over the network IPs. Using an appropriate IP scanner automating the process of continuous IP scans, critical in effectively and efficiently monitoring and managing any network.

What is the use of advanced network IP scanner?

  • Network IP Scanner helps you gain better visibility of network's IP address space with advanced IP scan
  • Advanced IP Scanner Tool automates the process of keeping track of IP Address availability and reservation status
  • Using advance IP scanner eliminate the tedious manual process of updating distributed spreadsheets. Manage your address space from a unified console
  • Advanced IP Scanner software helps network admins to manage dynamic IP allocations, multiple subnets, DNS and DHCP configurations.

With that being said, downloading an advanced IP scanner software enables efficient network monitoring when compared to manual or homegrown network monitoring solutions.

Getting started with OpUtils IP Scanner Tool

If you are new to OpUtils’ IP address and switch port management, schedule a live demo with a product expert. We would be pleased to uncover all the advanced IP scanner and switch port management features OpUtils has to offer, as well as answer your questions. Take a feature tour and explore how you can master the management of complex networks with OpUtils.

Want to try-out OpUtils hands-on? Download a 30-day free trial and get started with OpUtils in as little as an hour! OpUtils seamlessly integrates into your existing network environment without you having to make many changes to your network infrastructure.