Bandwidth Monitor Tool

    Bandwidth monitor utility of OpUtils software provides a graphical view of real time traffic in a device. The Bandwidth tool is idea for identifying bottlenecks related to bandwidth within the network. One can monitor the network traffic utilization/bandwidth usage both at the interface level and at the device level.

    Adding Interfaces for Bandwidth Monitoring

    1. Click the Networking Tools -> Bandwidth Monitor -> Discover Interfaces.

    2. Specify the devices IP address/host name and its credentials in the respective fields and click Get Interfaces.

    3. This will list all the available interfaces of the devices along with its status and speed. The auto-detected SNMP version is also shown. One can also have an option to choose an interval to monitor the interface, the default being 1 year. Select the interfaces to be monitored and click Add Interface.

    4. The selected interface gets added for monitoring network traffic.

    5. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for adding more interfaces.

    Note: Bandwidth monitoring of all the interfaces will happen at a pre-defined interval of 5 minutes. The In and Out bandwidth utilization values in the summary view will appear in the next polling cycle, i.e., after 5 minutes, which will be the cumulative bandwidth utilization value in the past 5 minutes.

    Viewing Bandwidth Utilization Details

    Summary View

    The Summary view provides the details of the monitored interfaces along with their status, speed, and current in/out network bandwidth utilization details. Clicking the interface link(ifName) will show the graphical representation of network bandwidth utilization for the last one hour, last one day, last one month, and the last one year. A link to view the tabular data is also provided below each graph. To modify the monitor until a certain period, click the Modify link corresponding to that interface and select a different period. Monitoring will continue till the selected period from the time of modification. To delete an interface from being monitored, click Delete link corresponding to that interface.

    Detailed View

    To view the detailed network traffic for an interface:

    1. Click a interface link from the Summary View.

    2. Select the Detail Traffic tab to view its complete details.

    Select the Volume, Speed, Utilization, and Packets tab to view the corresponding information. The details provides both the graphical and tabular data of the selected parameter for the last one hour, last one day, last one month, and last one year. You can choose the period from the combo box.