Downloading and uploading in Config file manager

    Downloading Startup and Running Config Files from Cisco Devices

    1. Click the Tools tab. 
    2. Choose Config File Manager available under the CISCO Tools category.

    3. To configure SNMP properties click Settings located at the top right corner or click Admin -> Settings.

    4. Enter the Device Name or its IP Address.

    5. Enter the SNMP Community String of the Cisco device. The Community specified should have read/write permissions.

    6. TFTP /NAT IP: This refers to the IP Address of the machine where TFTP Server is running. For downloading config files in the same LAN, leave this as it is. For downloading the config files of the devices in across WAN, specify the NAT IP here. The TFTP Server will, by default, be bound to the local IP Address of the machine where OpUtils is installed. Since this IP cannot be reached directly, you need to specify a NAT IP that can be reached across WAN, which will be translated to the local IP by the router.

    7. Click Add. The added Cisco device gets added to the table below. The Config File Manager tool will fetch both the startup and running config files of the specified cisco device in the background.

    8. To manually download the startup and running config files, click the icon corresponding to that device from the table.


    1. The SNMP community string specified while adding a Cisco device (Switch / Router) is used for subsequent downloads of the startup and running config files. If the community string is changed in the device at a later date, subsequent downloads will fail. Click the icon corresponding to that cisco device and change the community string.

    2. The Cisco devices should have the CISCO-COPY-CONFIG MIB implemented in order to download the startup config files.

    Uploading Startup and Running Config Files to Cisco Devices

    1. Click the Upload Config File link.
    2. You have an option to upload the config files to a single device or to multiple devices. Select the appropriate tab.

    3. Select whether to upload Startup or Running Config File.

    4. Select the device(s) to which it has to be uploaded.

    5. Browse and select the config file to be uploaded and click Upload.


    The downloaded config files are located in /AdventNet/ ME/ OpUtils/ webapps/ tftp/  from where you can edit the files, if required and upload.