CPU Monitor                                          

    CPU Monitor utility of OpUtils software is used to plot the real time CPU usage of any given node and display the CPU usage history graphically.

    To monitor a Server's CPU usage

    1. Click the Settings -> Tools tab

    2. Choose the System Explorer available under Network Monitoring category.

    3. Select the CPU Monitor Process Scan from the tree

    4. Enter either the IP Address or the Host Name of the device in the text field.

    5. Enter the SNMP Community String.

    6. Click the Show button.

    7. Check the results. The System Space summary of the desktop is categorized as

      • CPU Usage :Displays the current usage in percentage.

      • CPU usage History :Displays a graph of the CPU usage in percentage, over a period of time in seconds.

      • OS Details : Displays details of the operating system installed in the system. The results include the OS type, the number of Services installed in the system, and the Hardware Information.

      • System Details : Displays the details of the resource. The results include the Machine Name, the Up Time, and the location of the desktop. Click on the Machine Name link to view the SNMP ping results.


    1. To retrieve data, the system should be SNMP enabled and the SNMP agent should have implemented HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.

    2. Choose the Refresh time interval in seconds from the Refresh every list box. The page is refreshed based on the selected time interval.