Custom SNMP Graph ToolCustom Graph Tool


The Custom Graph Tool provides a dashboard view of the selected MIB nodes. It allows grouping of nodes that have to be plotted in a single multi-line graph. The tool has a capability to run continuously and plot the graph for the last one hour. The monitoring interval can also be configured.

To create a Graph Tool

  1. Select Add Custom Tool link from the Custom Tool category from the Tools tab. This opens the Add Custom Tool page.

  2. Provide a name for the tool.

  3. Select the Type as "Grapical".

  4. Select the MIB from the MIB Name combo box and click Show. This lists all the scalar and tabular nodes of the selected MIB. You can use the Add MIB button to add the MIBs to the MIB Name combo box.

  5. Select the Scalar Node or Tabular Column Node tabs to view the MIB nodes of that type.

  6. Click Add>> link to add the required nodes. If you wish to have multiple nodes in a same graph, select all the nodes and specify a group name and click Create Group.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add nodes from other MIBs

  8. After adding all the required nodes, click Create Tool button.

The tool gets created and added under the Custom Tools category in the Tools tab.

Using the created Graph Tool

  1. Click the name of the tool available under the Custom Tools category in the Tool tab.

  2. Specify the device name and its SNMP community string in the respective fields.

  3. Click Add.

  4. You can also add multiple devices to be monitored simultaneously, which gets added as a different tab in the results pane.

  5. Check the results. The graphical representation of all the groups are shown.

  6. The default monitoring interval is 5 minutes, which is configurable by selecting the required interval from the combo box.

  7. The last one hour data is shown.

To delete a Custom Tool

To delete a custom tool, click the delete icon available next to the tool name in the Tools tab.

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