Diagnostic Tools

    Diagnostic Tools is a collection of generic utilities, for day-to-day management of the system and network. The tools can be used to troubleshoot, debug connectivity issues, packet loss and latency in a LAN environment.

    The following are the tools available in this group

    Ping : Utility to determine whether a specific IP is accessible in the network. It helps in discovery of the status of a network device; whether the device is alive or not. Before you ping a device you can configure the ping settings like number of packets, time to live, size, and timeout.


    SNMP Ping : Utility to check if a specific IP is SNMP enabled. It helps the network engineers to know the availability of a device and also provides basic information like DNS name, system name, location, system type, and system description. Following the SNMP discovery, if required, more details of the node can be retrieved using SNMP Tools like SNMP walker, MIB Browser and SNMP Graph


    Proxy Ping : Utility to remotely initiate a PING test from a router to another IP which is remotely located. The router acts as the proxy for the target device and responds to the ping request.


    Trace Route : Utility to record the route (route is calculated in terms of hops, i.e number of routers it crosses) through the network between the sender's IP and a specified destination IP. The user can configure the settings such as number of hops, and timeout value.


    Network Scanner : Utility to scan the range of IP addresses to check for device availability through ICMP/SNMP, forward/reverse lookup actions and to determine the MAC addresses of the devices.