enhanced ping tool Enhanced Ping Tool                                                 


Enhanced Ping utility of OpUtils software is used to continuously ping multiple IP Addresses or Host Names to show their real-time response time.


To check real time response of multiple IP Addresses or Host Names

  1. Click the Tools Home tab.

  2. Choose Enhanced Ping available under the Diagnostic Tools category.

  3. Enter an IP Address or Host Name to be pinged and click the Add and Ping button. To add more IP Addresses or Host Names follow the same process. The minimum, maximum, and average Response Time along with the minimum, maximum and average Packets Lost in the transit are updated simultaneously in the Host Data table.

  4. To configure ICMP properties click Settings located in the top right corner or click Admin -> Settings. For details read the Configuring ICMP section.

  5. To configure Graph settings such as the polling interval and number of plots, follow the same steps as given above. For more read the section Configuring Graphs

  6. Check the plotting of two separate graphs - Response Time Graph and Packet Loss Graph. The Response Time Graph displays the time taken for a packet to traverse from the host to the destination. The Packet Loss Graph indicates the total number of packets lost since the polling started (in percentage) To choose between Line and Bar Graph, use the Chart list box. To view only the Graph, click the link Hide Graph Data table.

  7. View the Graph Data table. The Response time and the Packet loss for the polled time are displayed.

  8. Click Stop to stop polling. To start polling again, click Start.

Note: Choose the Refresh time interval in seconds from the Refresh every list box. The page is refreshed based on the selected time interval.


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