DNS Resolver Tool

    DNS Resolver utility of OpUtils software fetches the host name of any node whose IP Address is known and vice versa.

    To translate IP Address into Host Name and vice versa

    1. Click the Tools tab from Settings.

    2. Choose DNS Resolver available under the Address Monitoring category.

    3. Enter the  IP Address or the Host Name in the text field provided.

    4. Click the Resolve button.

    5. Check the results. The results include the Host Name, IP Address, Status (displays Reverse and Forward Look up of the address along with the information of ping status of the device), Virtual Host of, Default Netmask, Network Type and the Response Time.

    What do the Results tell you?

    Check the Reverse and Forward Lookup results. Issues in the results indicate problems with the DNS Server. In cases of web sites, if DNS fails, the web sites cannot be located and e-mail delivery stalls.