Installing and Starting OpUtils in Windows



For Windows OS, OpUtils is distributed in the EXE format

To Install 

Self-extracting EXE format

  1. Run the self-extracting EXE format with an Install Shield program for installation and follow the instructions provided.

To Install OpUtils Service

To install OpUtils as a Windows Service, select Start -->Programs -->ManageEngine OpUtils 7 --> Administrative Options --> Install Service


Note: This is not required, if you have selected the option to Install OpUtils as Service during installation or if you do not wish to run OpUtils as a Windows Service.


To Start OpUtils Server

To start OpUtils, select Start --> Programs --> ManageEngine OpUtils --> Start OpUtils.

On starting the server, the client is automatically launched in the default browser to show the details about the installation and the tools available in the free, standard, and professional editions. Click Continue to proceed.


Note: The FireBird database runs by default when OpUtils server is started.

To Stop OpUtils

Exe users


Select Start --> Programs --> ManageEngine OpUtils --> Stop OpUtils

To Manage OpUtils from System Tray

OpUtils can also be managed from the system tray icon. To view the icon in the system tray, select Start --> Programs --> ManageEngine OpUtils --> Show Tray Icon. Right-click the icon to perform the following functions:


  1. Exiting the system tray icon will only remove the icon from the system tray and does not stop the OpUtils server.

  2. The log level INFO is meant for debugging purpose only and hence it is not recommended to run OpUtils continuously with this log level as it consumes a lot of disk space.

To Uninstall OpUtils Service

To uninstall OpUtils from Windows Service, select Start --> Programs --> ManageEngine OpUtils --> Administrative Options --> Uninstall Service

To Uninstall OpUtils 

  1. Stop Firebird by right clicking on the yellow-black icon of a bird representing Firebird in the system tray and select the Shutdown menu.

  2. Click Start->Programs->ManageEngine OpUtils 7 ->Uninstall

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