How to Use Help

The AdventNet OpUtils Help Documentation is provided as a set of HTML files, which can be viewed in standard Web Browsers such as Internet Explorer (for best viewing) Netscape, Mozilla and Opera. The help document comprises three panes - the top-pane, left-pane, and right-pane.

The Top-Pane

The top-pane of the help document displays the following tabs.
What does the tab do?
Click the tab to view the Table of Contents in the left-pane. This tab is activated by default when you open the help document. When some other tab is selected, such as Index, Search and when you want to view the TOC, click this tab, which displays it on the left-pane.
Click the tab to view Index Keyword search facility on the left-pane of the help document.
Click the tab to use the  Search option on the left-pane of the help document. Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT operators enable you to precisely define your search by creating a relationship between search terms. Nested Expressions allow you to create complex searches for information. For eg. "Network AND (monitor OR scan) finds topics containing network monitor or network scan.
Click the tab to view the Glossary list
Clicking this tab invokes this page which explains how you can use the help document.

The Left-Pane

The left-pane comprises of the following options:
Table of Contents
By default, the left-pane of the document displays the Table of Contents which has books and pages that represent the categories of information in the help document. When a closed book is clicked, it opens to display its subbooks and pages and correspondingly the content of that book is displayed on the right-pane of the browser. When an open book is clicked, it closes.
The Index tab displays a multi-level list of keywords and keyword phrases that are complete, concise, and consistent. These terms are associated with topics in the help document and they are intended to direct you to specific topics, according to the way of working. Indexes allow you to quickly get to the information that you need by simply clicking the keyword and seeing the corresponding topic display.

Type the desired keyword, and as you type, you get the similar words in the pane below the text-box. When you find the desired index keyword, click the displayed keyword or click Display button (Netscape). This opens up the related content page in the right-pane.

If the desired word that you are looking for is not in the Index keyword list, you can use the Search tab which enables you to search for words in the help document and locate topics containing those words. Full-text searching looks through every word in the help document to find matches. 

Enter the keyword in the text field and then click Go (IE) or Find (Netscape) button. When the search is completed, a list of topics is displayed. Selecting the topic and clicking the Display (Netscape) button or clicking the topic, displays the corresponding content in the right-side pane.

Similar to the Web browser's "Back" and "Forward" buttons, the help document also includes Back and Forward buttons within itself, for navigating. This Browsing sequence allows you to move forward and backward through the entire document, page by page. 

The Forward button is used for going forward, page by page of the help document.

The Disabled Forward button indicates that there is no page to go forward to.
The Back button can be used to go back, page by page of the help document.
The Disabled Back button indicates that there is no page to go back to.
The left-side pane can be hidden or viewed depending on how you like that to work. When the left-side pane is hidden, the right-side pane is maximized so that you can see as much topic content as the size of the browser allows. The Hide option (IE) helps you to hide the table of contents. Clicking the Contents tab in the top-pane would bring back the TOC.

The Right-Pane

The right-pane of the help document displays the content of the Help Documentation. The content to be displayed on the right-side can be selected by navigating through various topics in the "Contents" tab of the left-side pane.

Conventions Used in the Help Documentation
Note :
Link to External Source
 Verdana Font - Bold style with Hyperlink
Link Within the Document
Verdana  Font - Regular style with Hyperlink
Refer Ping Scan
Verdana Font - Bold style
Error Messages
Verdana Font - Bold 
Destination host unreachable

Navigation Buttons

The right-pane of the help document also includes Home, Previous and Next buttons for navigation.
The Home button helps you to navigate to the home page of the AdventNet documentation.
The Previous button can be used for navigating to the previous page of the help document.
The Next button can be used for navigating to the next page of the help document.