Release Notes

Release Notes for 7.0

  1. Support for Chinese Language
  2. Support for MS SQL and PostgreSQL database has been introduced.
  3. Rogue Detection tool has been enhanced to include the auditing capability.
  4. You will now be able to view subnets by name or subnet address in IP Address Manager tree view.
  5. Subnets in IP Address Manager tree view will appear sorted by its name or subnet address.
  6. You will now be able to move multiple subnets between groups by drag-n-drop using Ctrl or Shift keys to select the subnets.
  7. Horizontal scroll bars in IP Address Manager and Switch Port Mapper tools have been eliminated by introducing auto-scroll
  8. MAC Addresses that do not show a corresponding IP Addresses in Switch Port Mapper will now link to a KB article for possible reasons
  9. To avoid false alerts, MAC Addresses will be validated prior to raising an alert on ARP Spoofing
  10. Global Alerts Link Removed from UI
  11. While you auto-publish the IPAM and Switch Port Mapping results, you will also be able to choose the columns to be published.
  12. API Document updated
  13. Trial version can have only 2 users instead of Unlimited
  14. 'MAC-IP data' is now enhanced, to fetch data from ipNetToMediaTable & ipNetToPhysicalTable.
  15. When OpManager is running in HTTPs mode, IPAM/SPM Plug-in will automatically use HTTPs. (including 3rd party ssl)
  16. Quick links has been added to guide the user with necessary details.
  17. Issue in defaulting SNMP version to v1 while modifying a switch in Switch Port Mapper has been fixed.
  18. Issue in listing the port details when clicked on Available/Used/Transient port count in Switch Port Mapper has been fixed
  19. Navigation issues in IP Address Manager list view has been fixed
  20. Issue in bulk upload of config files to devices has been fixed in Config File Manager tool
  21. Issue in sending emails to multiple users while using comma separated values in 'Rogue Detection' has been fixed.
  22. Deleting alerts in bulk from the Global Alerts view has been optimized.
  23. Issue in displaying unwanted HTML tags in the Settings pages when accessed from IE browser has been fixed
  24. Showing an unknown IP as has been fixed
  25. Issue in importing routers from a CSV file has been fixed
  26. Issue in showing a wrong count of Rogue Devices when you move devices from Guest to Rogue or Trusted status has been fixed
  27. Issue in exporting the visible columns from Switch Port Mapper view has been fixed.
  28. Issue in firebird log file growing beyond the desired size has been fixed.
  29. Issue in showing a license exceeded message when the license limit is not reached has been fixed.
  30. Identifying the device type using SNMP has been enhanced by including the details of the new device types.
  31. Issue in viewing the IP history of the subnets by name has been fixed.
  32. Issue in wrongly displaying insufficient privileges while adding an active directory from a Non English server has been fixed.
  33. Network monitor 'Alias Name' reverting issue has been fixed.
  34. Issue in showing a wrong Port speed in Switch Port Mapper has been fixed.
  35. Issue in adding active directory users in User Management has been fixed.
  36. Issue in importing trusted devices from a CSV with just the MAC Address has been fixed.
  37. issue in searching switch details in Switch Port Mapper has been fixed.

Release Notes for 6.0

  1. OpUtils now uses FireBird version 2.5 to store the data and configuration.
  2. Publishing the IPAM results has been enhanced to include option to publish in HTML format.

  3. Auto-detecting VLAN data of Nortel Passport ERS 8600 series switches has been included.

  4. Option to change the switch name has been included.

  5. Switch Port Mapper will now include the history of devices connected to a switch port.

  6. Importing Switches to the Switch Port Mapper tool will now include the SNMP version

  7. Config File Manager now supports SNMP v3.

  8. OpUtils EXE has been digitally signed

  9. Option to schedule execution and emailing of reports has been included for Switch Port Mapper and IP Address Manager reports.

  10. Read-only user role has been added.

  11. Ability to authenticate OpUtils users via Active Directory has been included.

Release Notes for 5.0

  1. Wake on LAN tool enhanced to include multiple groups of devices that can be scheduled differently.

  2. Important tools are moved to tabs for easy navigation

  3. The left tree will be removed for better tool visibility

  4. All the Server Monitoring tools and Cisco Tools are merged into one for ease of use.

  5. Switch Port Mapper enhanced to include the ability to group switches.

  6. Switch Port Mapper will list all the switch ports even if no matching port is found in the Bridge MIB.

  7. Network Monitor tool enhanced to include email templates.

  8. Ability to enable/disable a switch port included in Switch Port Mapper tool.

  9. Ability to export switch inputs from the Add/Edit switch view has been added.

  10. Support for mapping Alcatel switches using the Switch Port Mapper tool has been added.

Release Notes for 4.4

  1. Rogue Detection tool enhanced to include views for Trusted and Rogue Devices.

  2. Global Environment enhanced with the ability to add switches, gateway servers etc., in addition to the routers.

  3. TFTP Server tool included.

  4. Cisco Device Scanner tool added.

  5. SNMP Table Tool included.

  6. Alerts can now be notified by playing a sound.

  7. Global Alerts provides an unified view of alerts generated by OpUtils.

  8. Email Alert added for Rogue devices.

  9. DHCP Scope Monitor tool enhanced to store details in the database with email alert options.

  10. Auto-publishing of Switch Port Mapper results to a CSV format.

Release Notes for 4.0

  1. Support for storing the configuration and monitored information in the database.

  2. Five new tools added - DHCP Scope Monitor, Rogue Detection, TCP Reset, System Details Update, SNMP Community Checker, and Custom Tool.

  3. Reports about your network infrastructure - Network Report, Inventory Report, IP Availability Report, Port Availability Report, MAC Address Report, Rogue Devices, and SNMP Devices.

  4. Enhanced Wake on LAN tool to broadcast the WOL packet in the subnet.

  5. Config File Manager enhanced to include scheduled backup, compare config files between versions, and the ability to upload it to the device.

  6. Trap Receiver tool enhanced to include the trap received time and the intelligence to refresh the page automatically when a trap is received.

Release Notes for 3.2.2

  1. Issue in generating an alert when a device goes down, in Network Monitor tool is fixed.

  2. Issue in adding a system in the Wake on LAN tool is fixed.

  3. Issue in exporting the results of SNMP Walker tool is fixed.

  4. Issue in receiving multi-varbind traps in Trap Receiver tool is fixed.

Release Notes for 3.2.1

  1. Network Scan tool enhanced to scan up to ten subnets.

  2. You can now select and scan individual switches from the Switch Port Mapper results.

  3. Trap Receiver tool enhanced to provide the description of the Trap OIDs. The text equivalent of the enumerated integers and textual conventions will be shown along with the trap OID value.

  4. Cisco Interfaces tool enhanced to include Interface Name.

  5. Enhanced log messages for easy debugging.

  6. Option to retrieve VLAN ID is added to fix the issue related to Switch Port Mapper when configured community string contains character '@'.

  7. Issue related to performance of Switch Port Mapper tool when DNS Name is not able to resolve is fixed.

  8. Issue in using NATIVE PING in non-English OS is fixed.

Release Notes for 3.2.0

  1. Switch Port Mapper, IP Address Manager, and Wake on LAN tools enhanced to accept multiple inputs.

  2. A new tool, Port Scanner, to scan the ports of a given range of IP Addresses has been added.

  3. MAC Address Database provides the details if the IP Addresses, MAC Addresses, and DNS names of the devices in the network.

  4. Bandwidth Monitor and Performance Monitor tools can now be configured to send e-mail notifications.

  5. Multiple SNMP community strings can be specified as comma separated values.

  6. Ability to zip and send the log files from the client.

Release Notes for 3.1.4

  1. You can now send us your queries and feature requirements from the product by selecting the OpUtils Support tab.

  2. Tools that uses SNMP to get the information was throwing an exception, which is now fixed.

  3. Issue related to OpUtils icon in the Windows system tray has been fixed.

Release Notes for 3.1.3

  1. Issue in applying timeout values from the ICMP settings is fixed.
  2. When the response length exceeds the specified limit, the Switch Port Mapper shows "The Specified OID not implemented" error. This is now handled internally
  3. In Switch Port Mapper tool, appropriate error messages will be displayed, when data could not be retrieved from the Bridge MIB.

Release Notes for 3.1.2

  1. Issue in starting OpUtils when the previous instance was abruptly killed is fixed.
  2. Algorithm for identifying a switch using the Switch Port Mapper tool is changed.
  3. Issue in MIB Browser requests getting timed out in multiple client sessions is fixed.
  4. Enhanced Network Scan tool to include more machine types, such as Intel 510T Switch, HP Switch, and so on.
  5. Identifying MAC addresses from ARP cache for non-SNMP nodes is optimized.

Release Notes for 3.1.1

  1. OpUtils can now be installed and run as a windows service.
  2. Operations, such as starting OpUtils, stopping OpUtils, and so on, can be performed from the windows system tray icon
  3. Starting the OpUtils server will automatically launch the client in the default browser.

Release Notes for 3.1.0

  1. In IP Address Manager Tool, support for Class B network, which is now a subnet of Class C has been added.
  2. Support for localization added. With this, OpUtils will now run on non-English operating systems, such as Japanese, Chinese, and so on.
  3. Ability to add user-defined MIBs in MIB Module Viewer and MIB Browser Tools.
  4. Optimized the performance by addressing the high CPU usage and memory related issues.
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