Network Monitoring Tools


Network Monitoring Utilities consists of tools to monitor the performance of  Routers, Switches and other such devices. The tools provide graphical views of the monitored statistics.


Bandwidth Monitor : Utility to check the bandwidth utilization of a Switch. The Tool is ideal for identifying bottlenecks related to bandwidth within the network. This tool monitors the average BPS and percentage utilization of all the interfaces existing in the specified device. The tool shows the output in a graphical form.

Network Monitor : Utility to monitor the response time of multiple devices. The tool continuously monitors the response time of multiple devices and generates email alerts based on the severity. These alerts are set up at three different levels and displays the different status of the nodes

Wake-on-LAN : Utility to remotely power on a PC. For the tool to work, the PC should be configured to accept the Wake-On-LAN remote command.


Port Scanner : Utility to scan the TCP ports of a given range of IP Addresses to check whether the port is occupied or not.


System Details Update : Utility to view and update the details, such as Name, Location, and Contact details.


System Explorer : Utility to scan a SNMP-enabled device to get its complete details like system snapshot, CPU usage, Disk Space details , running processes, and installed software.


TCP Reset : Utility to find and reset the list of TCP connections established with the switches, routers, etc., in the network.

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