Rogue Detection

    What is Rogue Detection?

    Rogue Detection is a tool to detect unauthorized access of your network resources.

    How it Works?

    OpUtils periodically scans the subnets, switches, gateway servers, and routers  to collect the MAC IP data. The data is also collected whenever a scan is performed for a given IP range. Whenever a new MAC address is detected in the network, it gets added here.

    Initially, all the discovered MAC addresses will be shown here. The administrator has to verify the list and mark the valid devices. This is a one time configuration after scanning your entire network. Later on, if any new MAC address is found during the scanning process, it gets listed here.

    Initial Steps

    1. Add all the routers, switches, gateway servers, and subnets in your network in the Router settings and schedule a scan.

    2. To get the details of the Switch and Port a device is connected, map all your switches using the Switch Port Mapper tool

    After successful scanning of your network, you can perform the following operations from here:

    • Verify the list and mark all your network devices as trusted. The devices once marked as trusted, will not be listed in the Discovered tab again.

    • Mark a unknown or unauthorized device as Rogue. The devices marked as rogue will get listed under the Discovered tab upon rediscovery.

    • Allow devices for a temporary period.

    • Block the switch port to which a rogue device is connected.