Installing SNMP



Before starting OpUtils, it is advisable to check if your system or the systems to be monitored are SNMP enabled.  

For checking SNMP in Windows OS

  1. Go to Start-> Settings-> Control Panel->Administrative Tools-> Services

  2. Check for SNMP Service.

  3. If SNMP Service does not exist, install SNMP. To do so, read the  Installing SNMP on Windows section

  4. If  SNMP Service is displayed but the status of the Service is not displayed, double click on SNMP Service and click on Start to start the Service. You can also choose to start the service manually or automatically.

For checking SNMP in Linux

  1. Execute any one of the  command in the console
    $ /etc/rc.d/init.d/snmpd status
    or $ service snmpd status

  2. If SNMP is installed, but is not started, execute any one of the command in the console to start SNMP (as root)
    $ /etc/rc.d/init.d/snmpd start or $ service snmpd start

  3. If SNMP is not installed, install SNMP. To do so, read the Installing SNMP on Linux section.

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