Subnet List Tool                                              

    Subnet List utility of OpUtils software retrieves the list of subnets accessible for a given SNMP node. 

    To retrieve Subnets for a given IP Address

    1. Click the Settings -> Tools tab

    2. Choose the System Explorer available under Network Monitoring category.

    3. Select the Subnet List from the tree

    4. Enter the IP Address or Host Name from which the available subnets have to be derived.

    5. Enter the SNMP Community String.

    6. Click the Show button.

    7. Check the results. The IP Address, the DNS Name, the Available Subnets, and the corresponding Netmask values are displayed. To view the ping results of the specified device click the IP Address link.

    Hints and Tips

    If the tool is unable to retrieve the results, check if the specified device is SNMP enabled. The Subnet List Tool can only retrieve values from SNMP-enabled devices.