System Details Update

    The System Details Update utility of OpUtils software enables you to view and update the system details, such as Name, Location, and Contact.

    To view the System Details

    1. Click the Tools tab.

    2. Choose System Details Update available under Network Monitoring category.

    3. You have an option to view the details for a range of IP Addresses or for a single device. Select the required tab.

    4. Based on the selected tab specify the start and end IP Addresses or the IP Address/ Host Name of the device.

    5. Specify the SNMP Community string

    6. Click Get System Details.

    7. The system details are displayed.

    To update the System Details

    1. From the results of the system details, click the given icon for the device you wish to update.

    2. Change the details as required and click the given icon. Please note that you should specify the SNMP Write Community to update the details.

    3. Repeat the above steps for modifying the details of all the required devices.

    4. After modifying the details, select the devices by selecting the check box and click Update. This will update the details in the device and shows the status.