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IT networks are becoming increasingly complex with policies like bring your own device (BYOD) being adopted by many organizations. As more and more devices connect with the network, IP address scanning is imperative to ensure no device encounters problems connecting to the network. IP address scanner, a module within ManageEngine's OpUtils, a comprehensive IP address management and switch port mapping solution, helps IT network admins scan the IP address space of complex network infrastructures within seconds. OpUtils' IP address scanner enables IT network admins to gain real-time insights into the IP addresses state, its availability, reserved IPs, IP usage, detect IP address conflict, and continually track them with its IP address tracker capability.

Key features of advanced IP address scanner

Though it is possible to scan your IP address space with native commands, such as ipconfig, as the network scales, the network complexity and number of addresses to manage increases. The staggering IP address space and subnets of enterprise level networks make it difficult and time-consuming for IT network admins to manage. Using the network IP scanner component within OpUtils, the short-comings and inefficiencies of scanning IP addresses manually using native commands is eliminated. The key features of OpUtils' IP address scanner include:

Manage IPv4 and IPv6 addresses along with multiple subnets

The IP address scanner brings managing IPv4 and IPv6 addresses together, within a single console. Supporting the management of multiple subnets, OpUtils' IP address scanner enables you to create, scan, and add IPv4 and IPv6 subnets, and maintain a tree-based hierarchy of IP subnets.

You can scan IPv4 addresses directly by adding IPv4 subnets, or IPv4 address ranges, to your IP address scanning software console, or importing your IP addresses in a CSV format. IP scanner regularly inspects your IP address space, and displays results in real time. By specifying the Prefix Name, Prefix Length, Prefix Address, and Prefix Description, the IP address scanner enables you to add IPv6 subnets/sites for the end-to-end IP address scanning.

IP address scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

View IP addresses mapping with devices and ports

Scan IP addresses on the network using the IP address scanner, which reveals detailed information about connected devices during the scanning process. For an IP-connected device, you can view details about the user of the device, its MAC address, location, and OS type.

The IP address scanner maps your IPs to their connected switches and ports. You can view the Switch Name and the Port on which it is connected.

Network IP address scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

Search your network devices with IP addresses

The OpUtils IP address scanner provides you with a MAC-IP list displaying the IP addresses in your network, and their associated MAC addresses. Using an IP address, you can pinpoint the network device you are looking for, with the Global Search option.

Advanced IP address scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

Export IP address scan results

Once the subnets and IP address space of your network has been scanned, you can export your IP address scan results anytime. The IP address scanner enables you to export the scan results, such as the IP address details, and IP Usage Summary as a PDF or CSV file.

The IP Usage Summary of the Subnets pulled by the advance IP address scanner gives you details about the about the Subnet Address, Name, Size, Used, Available, Transient, Broadcast address, VLAN Name, and Location.

Advance IP address scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

IP Address Details provides comprehensive insights into the IP addresses scanned by displaying the IP-DNS lookup status, Reserved Status, System Description, Device Type, Connected Port, and more.

IP Address Scanning - ManageEngine OpUtils

Historic IP Address usage logs

The IP address scanner's IP History logs the historic usage of your IP address space. It shows the historic list of IP addresses, their DNS names, the MAC address to which it was allocated, the system description, and location. Scan IP address quickly and track the user's IP address at any point in time.

IP Address Scanner Software - ManageEngine OpUtils

Enable IP-centered network security by whitelisting new devices

OpUtils' network IP address scanner investigates your entire network, and discovers any new devices that are entering your network. When a new device enters the network, OpUtils' Rogue Detection enables you to mark these devices as Trusted, Guest, or Rogue.

Malicious devices marked as Rogues are denied access to the network.

Valid or authentic devices are marked as Trusted devices, which are then whitelisted so that these devices have full-fledged access to the network, and are not listed under Rogue Detection on further scans.

Devices marked as Guest are given a limited period of access to the network, after which they are listed again under the Rogue Detection, and the network admin can decide on permitting or blocking access to the network for that devices.

The IP address scanner tool continually scans the network, secures the network from unauthorized access by blocking anomalous devices, and makes it easier for authorized devices to access network resources.

IP Address Scanner Tool - ManageEngine OpUtils

Code-free custom IP address scanning

OpUtils' IP address scanner provides code-free IP address scanning so you can scan your entire network with just a click. The IP address scanner enables you to schedule custom IP address space scans using the Scheduler option. You can customize your IPv4 or IPv6 scan schedule by selecting the IP subnets to be scanned, and setting the scan period as:

  • In minutes – Scans your IPs and subnets with an interval starting from 5 minutes.
  • Hourly – Scans your IPs and subnets with an interval starting from 1 hour.
  • Daily – Scans your PI address space daily.
  • Weekly – Scans your IP address space once every week.
  • Only Once – Scans your IP address space only once at the scheduled time.

IP Address Scanning history- ManageEngine OpUtils

More on Network IP address scanner

What is an IP address scanner?

The IP address scanner scans your network IP addresses space, including IP subnets. This helps you easily track your assigned IPs and network devices. To maintain good network health and avoid downtime or network outages due to IP conflicts, it is important to scan your IP address space continually.

What are the benefits of using the IP address scanner?

The advantages of using the IP address scanner includes:

  • Avoiding human error due to manual IP scanning using native commands.
  • Gaining visibility into active IP address hosts, and their DHCP and DNS status.
  • Quickly finding and adding IP addresses and IP subnets in your network.
  • Performing end-to-end network IP address scanning with ease.
  • Collecting real-time data regarding the performance and utilization of IP addresses.
  • Troubleshooting issues with IP address space with instant alerts.
  • Auditing the performance and usage metrics of IPs using granular IP-specific reports as pulled the by IP address scanner.
  • Reducing administration overhead by automating mundane IP address scanning tasks.
  • Supporting scanning of both dynamic and static IP addresses.

How to scan all the IP addresses?

To identify all the IP addresses in your network using your IP address scanner software you can:

    • Add the IPv4 addresses manually to the IP address scanner by specifying the Group Name, Subnet Mask, Subnet Address, VLAN Name, Description, and Location.
    • Add the IPv4 addresses by uploading the CSV files containing the IPv4 address details.
    • Add IPv6 addresses using the Add IPv6 subnet/site option.

How does the IP address scanner work?

The IP address scanner too uses ICMP ping sweeps—two way handshakes to discover a range of IP addresses in your network. Ping scans work by sending network packets to all the IP addresses within the specified range, and waiting for an ICMP reply from active devices in the network.

The IP address scanner can also employ SNMP scans to map the network topology .

Since port scanning is closely related, we thought this might captivate your attention.

Getting started with OpUtils Advance IP address scanner

OpUtils advanced IP scanner, is an effective network scanner that features a comprehensive set of more than 20 IP tools, including Ping, Trace Route, and MIB browser for efficient network scanning, investigation and troubleshooting . It offers the IP address scanner, along with many other networking functionalities, such as the IP address tracking, advanced IP scanning, and remote booting.

Take a feature tour, or download a free trial to get your hands-on experience with OpUtils to see how it can work for your network. You can also schedule a live product demo with a product expert, or try out an online demo yourself. Have a price range in mind? Let us know!