IP Scanner

IP scanner scans your network using a number of network IP scanning protocols to identify IP addresses and collect critical information about the IP address space using network IP scanner tools. IP Scanner gathers IP-specific data such as an IP’s utilization, allocated MAC address, device type, OS type, and status by conducting ICMP ping sweeps and SNMP, DNS, and WMI scans. By Enabling you to view real-time insights into the IP address space, OpUtils’ advanced IP scanner software provides better visibility and control over your network resources.


Highlights of OpUtils’ network IP scanner

Simplified monitoring with IP scanning support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

With the advent of IPv6 addresses, more and more organizations have started adopting IPv6 addressing for their networks. This provides organizations the ability to support networks scaling to meet business requirements without any additional overhead. But this has not totally eliminated the use of IPv4 addresses. Therefore for any network admin, managing both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing schemes simultaneously has become a challenging task. Using different network IP scanners for this task can result in a tedious time consuming process. A network IP scanner that can manage both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses within a single console has become indispensable.

OpUtils’ IP address scanner enables you to scan and manage both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses within a single console. This network scanner software automatically discovers IPV4 and IPv6 addresses and allows multiple global prefixes for IPv6 addresses. By supporting logical grouping of subnets, IP scanning tool enables better address allocation, better organization, and easier identification of network IP addresses. Network IP scanner enables you to have a comprehensive insight into your IPv4 and IPv6 address provisioning such as Scope Name, Reserved Status, System Location, and MAC address. 

IP Scanning - ManageEngine OpUtils

Avoiding costly network issues with IP scanner's proactive monitoring capability

Manual IP address management and static IP address allocations may result in IP conflicts or IP address duplication. These IP conflicts, when left unresolved, may lead to a costly network downtime. Since critical network resources require stable IP provisioning and connectivity, OpUtils' Advanced network IP scanner ensures proactive network IP scanning that enables you to avoid IP conflicts. IP scanner eliminates these pain points by providing real-time, IP-specific details, such as an IP’s allocation, availability, and user. The details pulled by network IP scanner software aids you keep your IP address allocation in check. Since users are instantly alerted in case of any IP state changes, IP scanner tools provide efficient and effective network troubleshooting.

IP Scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

Troubleshoot with instantaneous alerts indicating IP specific network issue

Expecting a network admin to be available at all times monitoring the network IP address space for any failures or issues is impractical. One way to increase network operational efficiency is using a IP scanner software. OpUtils’ real-time IP scanning software is built to generate instant, threshold-based alerts on detected IP issues, such as IP state changes and address lookup failures. This network IP scanning software aids you in troubleshooting and responding to IP-related issues quickly.

Network IP Scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

Manage dynamic networks by IP scanning across multiple subnets in real-time

Unlike in small-scale, static networks, where IP allocation remains constant over a period, IP allocations in dynamic networks tend to change continually. Enterprise-level networks often implement dynamic IP allocations to manage the large number of devices connecting and disconnecting from the network. This makes it important for IP scanner tools to keep track of the IP provisioning and decommissioning. OpUtils’ network IP scanning helps in keeping track of these allocations by continually scanning the network for IP status changes.

Audit network resource usage with granular IP scan reports

Using OpUtils network IP scanner, you can keep track of the users of a particular IP by viewing historical logs of its allocations. All network data, statistics, and performance metrics are stored to help make the auditing process easier. IP scanning generates reports on used and unused IP addresses by marking IPs that do not respond within a 10-day period as Available. The network IP scanner software reports can be exported in PDF, CSV, or XLS format and stored for future reference.

IP Scanning Software - ManageEngine OpUtils

Easily discover IP addresses and subnets to be scanned

OpUtils’ IP address scanning can be initiated by providing an IP address range with specified starting and ending addresses, or a particular IP address. The status of the IPs is updated in seconds. Another option is to upload the IP addresses to be scanned in a CSV or XLS file. The IP scanner then periodically scans these IPs and updates the details continually.

Scanning and managing IP subnets

Once you’ve added routers, the network IP scanner scans them and adds the discovered subnets to the IP Address Manager tool. You can also manually add the subnets by specifying the subnet address, subnet mask, and the group under which it has to be added. OpUtils’ network IP scanning software provides subnet scanning options such as:

  1. Checking the IP availability using ICMP.
  2. Getting the device details using SNMP.
  3. Resolving the DNS name of the IP.
  4. Getting the Windows device type and hardware details using WMI.

IP Scanner Tool - ManageEngine OpUtils

What is IP Scanning?

IP Scanning is a process of continuously monitoring your network IP address space in real-time. Number of network protocols including the ICMP ping sweeps and SNMP scans are used for scanning IP addresses in the network. Network admins rely on IP scanners to inspect and manage IP address space with ease. IP scanning with a network IP scanner offers visibility into IP address space utilization, and performance.

What does network IP scanner do?

OpUtils’ Network IP scanning tool is built to identify, scan, and monitor multiple IP subnets, routers, and a vast amount of network devices. It identifies and establishes a connection with these components to collect critical network data. This data collected by the network IP scanner tool can be used to manage hybrid environments containing heterogeneous wired and wireless devices.

Getting started with OpUtils’ IP scanning tool

OpUtils offers IP scanning tools, advanced IP scanner IP address tracker, switch port mapping, and remote booting, along with many other network resource management features. It is unified IP address management and switch port mapping software that integrates with your existing network environment and enables you to start managing within minutes.

Take a feature tour or download a free trial to get hands-on experience with OpUtils and see how it can work for your network. You can also schedule a live product demo with a product expert or try out an online demo yourself. Have a price range in mind? Let us know!