Network Engineers / Network Administrators

The role of an Network Administrator is to manage all the network resources efficiently. The administrator has to monitor the health and availability of the devices, check for disk space in critical servers, backup the configuration of routers/switches, monitor the bandwidth, restrict unauthorized network access, identify the devices connected to switch ports, and more. While it is possible to achieve this with several tools available in the market, an integrated solution is the need of the hour when it comes to troubleshooting and correlating data between several tools.

OpUtils with is integrated set of network monitoring tools helps them to perform these tasks efficiently. It includes tools for Network Diagnostics, Address Monitoring, Network Monitoring, SNMP Monitoring, Server Monitoring, and Cisco Monitoring. It correlates the results of the various tools and presents it in the form of reports that helps an administrator to get an integrated view. Above all, most of the tools can be scheduled to run periodically, which helps them to automate the task thereby reducing manual intervention.

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