Visibility made simple with OpUtils network IP scanner

Network IP scanning, simplified

OpUtils' network IP scanner empowers network administrators to seamlessly discover the entire network IPs spread across various subnets and supernets and manage them—all from a single console. This allows the administrators to have a single point of control over the entire IP infrastructure, map IPs to the corresponding devices and switch ports, and ensure network security by detecting and restricting access to rogue devices.


Key feature highlights of OpUtils network IP scanner

Hassle-free discovery

Use flexible discovery option to seamlessly discover the entire range of IP addresses across subnets and supernets. Easily track both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from a single, unified console. Without much effort, you'll be able to take complete control over your subnets, supernets, and DHCP scopes.

Simplified port mapping

Scan your entire network IP space and gain in-depth information into the network's IP connectivity. Effortlessly map your IPs to switch ports and devices and view details such as MAC address, connected IP address, port number, OS type, and more.

Enhanced network security

Automatically detect unauthorized devices using OpUtils' rogue detection module. Approve devices from trusted sources, block rogue devices, and grant limited control to your network for guest users.

Extensive reports

Gain actionable insights into the IP address space with detailed reports capturing every scan for historical analysis. Make data-driven decisions on network IP management, optimization, and future planning.

Achieve comprehensive visibility with OpUtils network IP scanner

Automatic IP address discovery

OpUtils' built-in network IP scanner tool simplifies IP discovery, allowing the network administrator to choose to add IP addresses individually, add them from subnets, or import the IPs from a CSV file. Scan the IP addresses and gain real-time insights into IP address space. Automatically update network inventory and analyze your IP address usage.

Automatic IP address discovery
Single point of control

The network IP scanner tool helps administrators to have a centralized point of control over the entire IP network. Easily discover and manage IP addresses from a single point of control, which provides a level of unparalleled interoperability. Tackle complex configurations with the support for multiple global prefixes. Additionally, logical subnet grouping allows for efficient address allocation. Furthermore, OpUtils offers comprehensive visibility into both IPv4 and IPv6 provisioning details, providing a clear picture of your network's IP landscape.

Single point of control
Mapping of IP addresses to switches and devices

OpUtils' network IP scanner simplifies switch port management by identifying the switch associated with each scanned IP address, using ICMP pings, SNMP scans, and ARP for accurate mapping. Furthermore, OpUtils offers a comprehensive port view that displays information like connected IP, MAC address, port number, and more. OpUtils can scan your entire network to consolidate and display all devices connected to a specific switch. This helps the administrator gain a complete picture of the IP network, aiding in efficient switch port management and troubleshooting.

Mapping of IP addresses to switches and devices
Streamlined IP network

OpUtils' network IP scanner helps the administrator prevent issues like IP conflicts, ARP spoofing, and the associated network downtime of these issues. OpUtils ensures stable connectivity for critical resources with real-time insights on IP allocation, availability, and user data. The network IP scanner enables administrators to automate regular scans, eliminating human interventions and ensuring accurate, error-free IP address tracking for efficient IP network management. Not just that, the tool also raises instant alerts on any IP state changes, thereby preventing IP issues from escalating into major network incidents.

Streamlined IP network
Ensured network security

Fortify network security by automatically detecting new devices that are connected to your network. The administrator can choose to approve devices from reliable sources, restrict access for suspicious users, and even grant temporary access to guest users. Once the validity of the guest device expires, the administrator can extend the validity period or block the switch ports remotely. This helps them ensure that the network is secure at any given point of time. With the Active Directory integration, OpUtils enhances security and streamlines IP network management by facilitating centralized access management within a unified system.

Ensured Network Security
Comprehensive reports

Unleash the hidden potential of your network with OpUtils' customizable reports. Gain valuable insights into IP usage, switch port utilization, and comprehensive device details. Identify trends, optimize resource allocation, and eliminate network inefficiencies. Effortlessly share the findings and maintain a clear history with customizable PDF exports.

Network IP Scanner

Gain complete visibility of all your IPs with OpUtils network IP scanner

Customer reviews


One of the best products to manage the environment

Overall: Full of features for IP Address Manager, Switch Port Manager and Rogue Detection, it is easy to manage the environment along with Switches and Routers. Config file manager and other various tools are very helpful to make necessary changes in the environment without logging into multiple devices.


Great software, does everything I need, nothing I don't

Overall: I needed an IPAM solution and this does everything I need. The network tools are helpful in diagnosing problems.

Pros: Switch port management allows my colleagues to manage switches in my absence; liven and deaden ports as needed.


Networking on the NEXT level

Pros: The user interface is so user-friendly and easy to find the info that your looking for.