Collecting System Information using AcronisInfo Utility


How to collect system information under an ManageEngine bootable media


  1. Plug in a USB drive in the ManageEngine OSDeployer application installed machine.
  2. From ManageEngine OSDeployer Console  ,navigate to , 
  3. Tools >> Create Bootable Media >> select "ManageEngine System Report " >>  place this file the USB drive / upload to PXE . 
  4. Attach the USB drive to the machine for which you want to collect information and boot the machine and choose in the menu choose : ManageEngine System Report or boot using PXE and choose in the menu choose : ManageEngine System Report 
  5. The tool saves the file with system information to the USB drive. If two or more USB drives are attached, the tool saves the file to the first such drive it finds.
  6. Collect the saved file in the USB drive and upload it to the link below

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