Why should I exclude OS deployment files from antivirus scanning?

OS deployment performs various tasks like installing image creator, capturing system image, fetching drivers details etc., via the image creator component. The files associated with these tasks are needed to be excluded from antivirus scanning for smooth OS imaging and deployment process.

Files to be excluded:

  • ImageCreator.exe (Location - %ProgramFiles(x86)%\ZohoCorp\ManageEngine OSDeployer - Agent )
  • OSDMonitor.exe (Location - %ProgramFiles(x86)%\ZohoCorp\ManageEngine OSDeployer - Agent )
  • manage.exe (Location - %windir%\manage.exe )
  • OSDpatcher.exe  (Location - %windir%\OSDpatcher.exe )

Exclude the aboves files under Network security in antivirus scanning