OS Deployment Architecture

ManageEngine OS deployment is an add-on to Desktop Central to automate OS imaging and deployment process. The OS deployment add-on will help administrators to automatically capture the OS image of the system, customize it according to their users/department needs and deploy it to target computers and servers from Desktop Central console. 

OS Deployment consists of the following components,

  • OSD Server
  • Image/Driver Repositories
  • Bootable Media

OSD architecture

Working of OS Deployment

From the OS deployment console, you can specify the details of the computer from where you want to perform imaging. Once you specify the details, the image creator components will be installed on the target computer and imaging will be performed. To store the images, you have to configure a network share as an image respository and all the images will be stored in the configured image repository.

During the process of imaging, the available drivers from the imaging machine will be automatcially collected and stored in the Driver repository. You can configure a network share as a driver repository. We offer two types of driver collection, manual and automatic. In automatic collections, the drivers which are automatically collected will be stored. In manual collections, you can manually add the required drivers to a network share and configure that as manual collections.

After successfully image creation, you have to create a bootable media to boot the computers into the network environment. We offer three types of bootable media: PXE, USB and ISO. After creating media, you can then customize the images for deployment according the needs of your user roles and department and create the deployment tasks to perform deployment. Upon booting the computer using bootable media, deployment will be performed on the target computer based on the type of deployment configured in the deployment task.