Unable to replicate the image, image is available in the Admin$/hidden share repository.


You can see the error message "Unable to replicate the image, image is available in Admin$/hidden share repository" in the following case,

While replicating an image located in Admin$ network share from local office to remote office. 


When an Admin$ share or hidden share is configured as an image repository in local office, it cannot be hosted as a HTTP repository. Hence image replication fails for images stored in such a repository.


Follow the steps given below to resolve this issue,

  1. Copy the image file to a new network share without Admin$ privilege in the local office and configure this network share as a new Image Repository. 
  2. Now, go to the Image details page in the product console and click on the image that you were unable to replicate.
  3. Select the Edit icon available near the image repository and modify the image repository details to the newly configured one. Refer the below screenshot for better understanding, network error
  4. Retry image replication from local office to remote office now.

If the above solution doesn't help, kindly contact OS Deployer support.