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When installing Windows 7 above operating system on a clean non-partitioned disk it will automatically create a small partition in the beginning of the disk. This is called "System Reserved" partition. The remaining space will be used to create the system drive.


  1. The System Reserved Partition holds the Boot Configuration Database, Boot Manager Code, Windows Recovery Environment and reserves space for the startup files which may be required by BitLocker, in case you use the BitLocker Drive Encryption feature.
  2. Hence if the image is captured without the "System Reserved" partition then after the deployment of that image to target machine  it may not boot. 
  3. It has to be noted that if the partitioning is done using some third party tool in the beginning, System Reserved partition may not exist and hence all necessary boot files will be contained with main system drive like  C : 
  4. In short if you see System Reserved partition when capturing the image ensure it is selected and captured  for hassle free deployment and post deployment booting. 

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