Configuring Amazon RDS PostgreSQL as the Backend Database

Password Manager Pro allows users to set up various databases such as MS SQL, Azure MS SQL, Amazon RDS MS SQL, and Amazon RDS PostgreSQL as the backend database. Amazon RDS is a fully managed, open-source relational database. Easy and managed deployments, dynamic scalability, automated backups, and other capabilities come standard with Amazon RDS.

This document explains in detail on how to configure Amazon RDS PostgreSQL as the Backend Database.

Steps Required

  1. Download and Install Password Manager Pro in a AWS EC2 instance.
  2. Create an RDS PostgreSQL database in AWS.
  3. Now, make a copy of the below files under <PMP_Installation_folder>\conf directory and rename them:
    • customer-config.xml to customer-config_old.xml.
    • database_params.conf to database_params_old.conf.
  4. Open database_param.conf file.
    • Replace localhost with the hostname of the PostgreSQL server running in AWS.
    • Change the port number to the actual port number of the PostgreSQL instance in AWS.
    • Set SSL=true and provide the user details that were used to restore the dump file to the database.
    • Give the user details that were created while database creation in RDS/ Create a new user in RDS and add it to the super user group.
  5. Open customer-config.xml and search for startdbserver= true and change its value to false.
  6. Import the root .pem file into Password Manager Pro.
  7. Now, start the Password Manager Pro service.

You have successfully configured Amazon RDS PostgreSQL Database as the backend database.

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