Password Manager Pro Plugins for CI/CD Platforms


Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platforms are automation tools that help organizations automate their configuration management through pipelines to run routine tasks without human supervision. Execution of these tasks often require sensitive information like privileged passwords, API keys, and access tokens to interface with other systems, applications, and services in the environment. In most DevOps environments, such credentials are stored in plaintext within script files to enable smooth task execution but that can lead to many security issues.

To mitigate such risks, Password Manager Pro helps eliminate embedded credentials in the DevOps pipeline by providing integration capabilities with various CI/CD tools. The integration ensures that the required credentials are retrieved securely from Password Manager Pro's vault every time a task is executed, instead of being stored in plaintext within the script files.

Password Manager Pro plugins are available for the following CI/CD platforms:

  1. Jenkins
  2. Ansible
  3. Chef and Puppet

Click on the respective links to know more about setting up the plugin for the required platform.