Editing Resources

At any point of time, you can edit any of properties of the resource added by you. To edit a resource, go to the "Resources" tab and click the "Edit" icon present against the resource name. In the UI that pops-up, edit the required property and click "Save". The required change will get reflected in the view.

Note: When you edit a resource, the account details that are part of the resource will remain unaffected.

Adding a new account to an existing Resource

You can add any number of user accounts to an already existing resource. To add an account,

  • Go to "Resources" tab in the web interface
  • Click the particular resource to which you wish to add another account
  • Click the button "Add"
  • In the GUI that opens, enter details about the account to be added
  • Click "Add". If you want to add more accounts, add them too
  • Click "Save"

Deleting Resources

You can delete those resources that are no longer required from the PMP's resources list. If you delete a resource, all the accounts and passwords that were part of that resource would also be deleted permanently. The entries would be removed from the database once and for all.

To delete a resource,

  • Go to "Resources" tab in the web interface
  • Select the particular resource(s) that is to be deleted
  • Click the button "Delete Resources"

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