Email Templates

(Feature available only in Enterprise Edition)

Customizing the Email Notification Content

Password Manager Pro facilitates sending email notifications on the occurrence of various password actions. By default, PMP has a specific content for the email notification. If you want, you can customize the content and have your own content.

To customize the email content,

  • Go to the "Admin" tab
  • Click "Customize >> Email Templates"

In the UI that opens,

  • Select the required category - User Management, Password Management & General Administration
  • You can preview the existing email content by clicking the link "Preview"
  • If you want to edit the content, click "Edit Template"
  • You can specify a customized message in the Subject Line
  • You can also modify the body content
  • While entering the content of the body, you can specify placeholders for certain values like user name. The exact user name will be replaced with the placeholders at runtime
  • Click "Save"

The email notifications of the respective categories will have the new content.

Note 1 : PMP facilitates customizing most of the email content in PMP. However, email notifications on reports and alerts are not customizable.

Note 2 : You can use html tags in your customized message with the restriction that only single quotes be used inside the html tags instead of double quote. For example: instead of <span style="padding-left:10px">, you need to use <span style='padding-left:10px'>

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