Mail Server Settings

Password Manager Pro facilitates sending notifications to their users of their PMP access and account details through email only, so it is very important to configure mail server settings prior adding users.

To configure mail server settings,

  • Navigate to Admin >> Settings >> Mail Server Settings
  • In the pop-up form that opens, enter the following:
    1. Server name - The actual SMTP server's name. For eg
    2. Port - Most SMTP servers work with port 25. However the default port for TLS is 587 and for SSL is 465.
    3. Sender E-mail Address
    4. Access URL - The URL that is to be displayed on the mail intimation to users to access PMP.

  • Upon clicking the "Requires Authentication" checkbox, the pop-up form lists two options:
    1. Specify a Username and Password Manually
    2. Use an account used in Password Manager Pro
  • If you choose the first option "Specify a Username and Password Manually", enter the authentication details and click "Save".
  • If you choose the second option "Use an account used in Password Manager Pro", the resources and accounts that appear in your resources tab will be listed in a drop down. You can choose the required details and click "Save". The chosen Account will be used for authentication. Earlier, incase of a password change, the user has to manually update the new password in the mail server settings. But now, the new password will be automatically updated for authentication.
  • You also have the option to choose the Secure connection - Never/SSL/TLS.
    1. SSL - Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol that enables secure connection over the internet.
    2. TLS - Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a new version of SSL that enables secure connection over the internet.
  • Once you have provided the authentication details and the secure connection mode, click "Save".


  1. It is recommended to use SSL/TLS options for secure communication over the internet /intranet.
  2. If the mail server is using a self-signed certificate, then we need to import it in PMP.
    • Copy the server certificate and paste it under <Password Manager Pro Installation Folder>/bin directory.
    • From <Password Manager Pro Installation Folder>/bin directory, execute the following command:
    • importCert.bat <name of the server certificate>

    • This adds the certificate to the PMP certificate store.
  3. After providing the authentication details and the secure connection mode, you also have the option to test mail server before clicking save.

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