Displaying Messages to Password Manager Pro Users

If you want to display a common message to all Password Manager Pro administrators or users, you can do so from Password Manager Pro. The 'Message Board' feature helps to achieve this. For example, whenever Password Manager Pro server is down for a few hours due to maintenance you can intimate this information to all the administrators/users using this feature. The common message entered by you will be displayed to all the users/administrators as you decide.

This feature enables you to display the message as a banner on Password Manager Pro GUI. In addition, you can also choose to send the same message as an email notification.

Steps Required

  1. Go to "Admin >> Manage >> Message Board".

  2. In the text field, enter the common message which you wish to display.
  3. Specify to whom you wish to display the message.
  4. Specify the type of display - online alert or email notification or both.
  5. If you choose online alert, the message will be indicated by the icon in the Password Manager Pro GUI. When users click that, the message will be displayed as a banner.
  6. When you choose the option 'Email Notification', Password Manager Pro will take the respective email ids from the user database and send out mails.
  7. You also have the option to specify the time period up to which the message should remain in force. By default, the time period is 1 day.
  8. Click "Save".