Rebranding Password Manager Pro

If you want to replace Password Manager Pro logo appearing on the login screen and on the web interface with that of yours, you can do so from the web interface itself. It is preferable to have your logo of the size 210*50 pixels.

To rebrand the logo,

  • Navigate to Admin >> Customization >> Rebrand.
  • In the dialog box that opens, browse and choose the required image against New Logo field. The recommended size is 210*50 pixels.
  • You can also choose a 'New Logo for Mobile', with the recommended image size of 500*140 pixels.
  • Enter content for the login page description. The content you provide will be displayed in the login page of Password Manager Pro for all users.
  • You can also choose a 'default color' for the login page.
  • Click "Save". Password Manager Pro will appear with re-branded look.

Configuring legal banner in the login page

Password Manager Pro provides the option to configure a legal banner in the Password Manager Pro login page. If you want your users to accept terms and conditions before logging into Password Manager Pro, you may configure and enable this option. At any point, this legal banner can be disabled.

To configure the legal banner,
  • Switch to 'Legal Content' tab in the Rebrand window and specify the 'Display Label for Legal Banner'. For instance, Terms & Conditions. Also, specify the term to be displayed as the 'Text for Acceptance Button'.
  • Next, provide the detailed 'Legal Content' that has to be displayed upon clicking the legal banner link.
  • Click 'Save'. Once this is done, from the next login onwards, these settings will be shown in the login page.

Note:Only when the legal content text box is filled, legal banner will be shown in the Login Page. If this field is left empty, legal banner will be disabled.

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