Password Manager Pro End-User Training

  • Tuesday, November 07, 2017
  • 10:30 AM BST | 10:00 AM PDT
Presented by Praveen, Technical consultant

Webinar: Password Manager Pro End-User Training

Password fatigue can put your entire organization at risk by making your employees start acting recklessly when it comes to using and sharing passwords. It's up to IT teams to play defense against this fatigue by equipping employees with the right set of tools, like Password Manager Pro, and periodically educating them about growing threats from hackers and malicious insiders. In an effort to help IT teams educate users on enterprise password management, ManageEngine is offering a free training session for your end users. 

In this webinar, we'll be discussing some password management best practices for shared environments as well as tips for optimizing the value your users get from Password Manager Pro. Other useful information covered in this webinar includes:

  1. The importance of secure password management
  2. A product overview and breakdown of terminologies used
  3. How to view shared account details and resource groups
  4. How to view and modify passwords
  5. How to manage personal passwords
  6. How to use browser extensions and mobile apps

Presented by:

Praveen is a technical consultant at ManageEngine with 12 years of hands-on experience in the enterprise IT security domain. He provides implementation, training, and support assistance to customers around the world. He is currently involved in gathering customer requirements to build new features for Password Manager Pro and Key Manager Plus.

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