Managing privileged users and auditing their access: A must-have for GDPR compliance.

  • Tuesday, April 17, 2018
  • 11:30 am CEST | 9:30 am EDT
Presented by Anusha Muralidharan, Product marketer

By now, you know the GDPR is a big deal. With a sweeping list of data control requirements that call for compliance, it's easy to overlook one important aspect—privileged identity and access management. Leveraging privileged identity governance and access control at the core of your security strategy can go a long way in mitigating data breach risks. So, as you and your organization prepare for the GDPR, privileged identity management (PIM) should sit at the top of your agenda.

Key takeaways:

Join our free webinar to explore important GDPR controls and understand how they're closely tied to privileged access. Here are a few things you’ll learn about:

  • Why PIM and access governance are a must-have for GDPR compliance.
  • The role of privileged access control in the GDPR's "security by design" concept.
  • Ways you can leverage ManageEngine's PIM suite to prepare for the GDPR.

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