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Complete session audit and play back

Privileged access auditing is a crucial reporting requirement for organizations looking to meet internal policy demands as well as security mandates of various regulations such as PCI DSS, FISMA, NERC-CIP, SOX, and HIPAA. Password Manager Pro's session recording and auditing capabilities allow security teams to keep a constant eye on privileged account activities carried out by both employees and third-party vendors. On top of that, these features also cater to organizations' reporting and IT compliance needs.

Readily answer questions on the who, what, and when of privileged access.

When you configure Password Manager Pro to record privileged sessions launched by users, it also includes complete auditing of user details, a time stamp, and an IP address. In addition, the user's given reason for accessing the remote host is logged. So, the audit logs, along with the recorded sessions, give you complete visibility into privileged access and help establish accountability. This information can also be used for IT reporting and forensic investigations.

Recorded Session

To ensure data security and integrity, the recorded sessions are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm and stored in a tamper-proof archive in the application database.

Play back archived sessions and find specific activities.

The recorded sessions are made available for playback in the GUI along with audit trails. Playback lets administrators review recorded sessions and investigate user activity for forensic audits. Additional seek-bar provisions allow fast forwarding to specific parts of a session.

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