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Audit Reports

Reports are essential to provide insights on historical data, trends and to facilitate statistical analysis of network behavior. They are useful when security administrators have to submit periodic information on the security posture of the network to IT managers and auditors to make well-informed security decisions. Reports also ensure that the company's IT and regulatory policies are complied with.

Security Manager Plus comes with a set of comprehensive, canned reports to aid security administrators. There are also provisions to define custom reports based on select criteria. Reports can also be generated on vulnerability scan completion and sent to desired e-mail IDs. They can be exported to PDF or CSV format and can be imported by other reporting tools like Crystal Reports etc.

Security Consultants and Service Providers have the facility to rebrand reports from Security Manager Plus by changing the company logo and disclaimer messages. Some of the reports in Security Manager Plus are shown below for reference.

Executive Report

Executive Report

  • Provides a high-level summary of scan results in rich graphical formats
  • Used by the executive to know the exposure level of the enterprise network to threats
Remediation Report

Remediation Report

  • Provides a comprehensive report on the vulnerabilities with links to solutions for fixing the problem
  • Used by the System Administrators to prioritize vulnerability resolution

Differential Report

  • Compares and provides a detailed report on the difference in security postures of the network and assets on two different scans
Service Packs and Patches Report

Service Packs and Patches Report

  • Provides a detailed listing of all the missing service packs and patches on the selected assets.
View File & Registry Change Report

View File & Registry Change Report

  • Presents a report for a list of assets or groups displaying the status of changes
  • Used by System Administrators to monitor and track file & registry changes


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