Mail Settings

Mails can be sent to desired recipients to report completion of certain vulnerability assessment tasks like scheduled scanning of network resources for vulnerabilities, sending generated reports, sending feedback to Security Manager Plus technical support through Instant Feedback. 

In order to enable this functionality, your enterprise's mail server parameters need to be configured in Security Manager Plus. You can access this configuration from : Admin Configure Mail Server

The parameters required for Mail Server Configuration are :

Setting the Trouble Ticket E-mail ID

Security Manager Plus can be configured to Generate Ticket on Scan Completion by sending mail to the supplied mail-id provided you have a Helpdesk system, like ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus,  in your enterprise which recognizes notification mails generated by Security Manager Plus and converts them to trouble tickets.


To configure the e-mail ID, visit the Admin tab Configure Trouble Ticket Settings. Specify the e-mail ID here and click the 'Save' button.



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