Setting Proxy

Internet access is essential to update the vulnerability database information from ManageEngine site. In your enterprise network setup, you might need to go through a proxy server to access the internet. In this case, you can configure the username and password that is provided for internet access, from this screen : Admin tab Configure Proxy Server. This configuration is essential for the system in which the Security Manager Plus server is installed.

The different parameters to be configured are :

1. HTTP Proxy Host  : Host name of the proxy server (eg: proxy-server)
2. HTTP Proxy Port  : Port number at which the server is running (eg: 80)
3. Username to access the internet. This can be in the format :
4. Password


Specify values for these parameters and click 'Save'. You can even test to see if a connection to the specified proxy server is established, by clicking on the 'Test' button. You can also save the proxy settings and update the vulnerability knowledge base immediately from here, by selecting the 'Update Database' checkbox.


If you have not configured the above parameters correctly then the Security Manager Plus server will be unable to contact Central Repository Server,  you will see the message "Unable to contact Central Server" posted in Home tab.

Removing proxy parameters

To remove the proxy configurations permanently from the system, click on the 'Remove' button. This will mean that the Security Manager Plus server will not have access to the proxy server anymore, to connect to the internet.


Note: The 'Remove' button appears only after a configuration has been made.


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