Agent Installation

Windows systems can be managed using an agent, as an option. The Security Manager Plus Agent edition is available as an executable file (.exe) in the Security Manager Plus Server installation. Once the Security Manager Plus Server is installed, copy the Security Manager Plus agent executable from the location : <Server_Install_Dir>/AdventNet/SecurityManager/agent/windows to the target machine. Execute the file and follow the instructions as they appear on screen.


Please ensure that you have 'administrator' privileges before you proceed with the installation.


Security Manager Plus 5 is powered with an agent which can function in either HTTPS mode or SSL/TCP mode. You can choose your desired mode of installation based on the scenario in which your systems are going to be managed.


Refer to the following sections of the help documentation to know more about installing and working with the agents in each of these modes.


S.No Description Security Manager Plus Agent in HTTPS Mode Security Manager Plus Agent in TCP Mode
1 Usage scenario To manage systems in remote locations without a dedicated network connection (over internet), systems in the LAN, laptops that are often disconnected from the network To manage systems in the LAN, systems with restricted access, systems accessible over a VPN tunnel
2 Communication protocol HTTP (Over the web) Port to port (TCP)
3 Security Data encrypted. Communication secured using SSL over HTTP (HTTPS) Data encrypted. Communication secured using SSL over TCP.
4 Server to Agent communication port
(To be opened in the firewall, if any)
None 9005 (Agent listens in this port. Configurable)
5 Agent to Server communication ports
(To be opened in the firewall, if any)
6262, 6767
(Server web ports - default, but configurable)
9004 (Server listens in this port for agent. Configurable)
6 SMP Server location SMP Server can be installed in an internal network and the Agent in an external network, provided the IP & port mapping are done in the NAT. The external IP address can be used by the Agent SMP server must be located so that a TCP connection can be established by the Agent to the server
7 Agent Configurations required External IP address of the SMP Server
SMP server's HTTP and HTTPs ports
Proxy server info (if present)
Polling interval for agent
Name/IP address of the SMP Server
SMP Server's TCP port
8 Communication Flow between Server and Agents One-way (Agent polls Server) Two-way
9 Response time of Agent At every agent poll interval Instant (no polling!)
10 Operating System supported Windows only Windows only



Note : After the installation is complete, the agent starts as a Windows service automatically. To simply install the agent but start it up at a a later point, un-check  the "Yes, I want to start the agent service" option. Refer to the ReadMe file in the agent installation for more information.


Once the Agent starts, the Assets page in the web console will list the Asset in "Agent" mode. If the system has previously been scanned in "Remote" mode, that Asset will still be in the Assets page and you need to delete that if not needed.

Downloading from the web-client and installing

You can connect to the Security Manager Plus server using a browser from the machine you want the agent to be installed. Select the 'Download Windows Agent' link option from the 'Admin' tab. Once the download is complete, proceed with the installation.

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