Ports to be opened in the Firewall

If you have a firewall active - either in the systems/assets that are being scanned or in the system where the Security Manager Plus server is installed - you will need to open up certain ports in the firewall on these systems, so that Security Manager Plus can go about its scanning and patching tasks effectively. Here is a list of such ports, in both the agentless as well as the agent modes of management.

Ports needed for scanning & patching Windows systems

Mode SMP Server to Agent (or target system) communication ports - to be opened in target systems Agent (or target system) to SMP Server communication ports - to be opened on the SMP server system
Agentless 135, 139, 445 6262, 6767
Agent (SSL over TCP) 9005 9004, 6262, 6767
Agent (HTTPS) -None- 6262, 6767


Please check whether the above ports are accessible from the respective systems. For e.g., from SMP server system, try telnet to ports 135, 139 and 445 (or respective ports mentioned above) on target systems.

They must connect successfully.


From Agent or target systems, try telnet 9004, 6262 and 6767 (or respective ports mentioned above) to SMP server system. They must connect successfully.


Ports needed for scanning & patching Linux systems

SSH Port 22 must be open for scanning & patching Linux systems

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