Asset Discovery


Vulnerability Assessment begins with discovery - of network assets. Asset Discovery provides an inventory of assets which you desire to be scanned. It involves addition of the resources present in your enterprise (the servers, workstations, laptops, routers, switches and others) into the Security Manager Plus enterprise setup for vulnerability scanning and assessment. Asset Discovery provides details such as IP Address, DNS Name, Operating System of all the network resources that was discovered.

Discover Assets

Assets can be added or discovered in any one or both of the following ways :

Discovering Assets in the Agentless mode


Security Manager Plus provides you with a number of ways to discover your enterprise resources :


The successfully discovered systems will be listed in the Assets view in the background.

Supplying Credentials

You can supply the credentials (username and password) required to login and detect/deploy missing patches and service pack, for individual hosts from the 'Assets' tab. 


Visit the Assets tab, and click on the icon against the host name in the Assets table. You can either specify user-defined credentials or use credentials defined in the Credential Library. Based on whether the system is Windows or Linux, enter the user name and password accordingly, to login to the system. Provide the information and click on 'Save' button. Once the credentials are configured, the icon against the system name changes to


Deleting host-specific credentials can be done only from the Admin tab --> Credential Library link --> Credential details table.


Type of credentials

Linux Credentials : various scenarios and what needs to be entered in the credential form

1. For Password authentication to work, PasswordAuthentication must have the value yes (or default commented) in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
2. To login as Root remotely, PermitRootLogin must have the value yes (or default commented).

Deleting Assets

You can delete the discovered assets using the 'Delete' button in the Assets tab. Deleting an asset will result in deletion of its scan result, provided the scanning for the 'to be deleted' asset has been already done.


Asset Scans

The discovered assets can be scanned from the Assets tab using the 'Scan' button after selecting the desired IP Address / DNS Name. You can also perform scans using any of the many provisions like : New Scan, Schedule Scan . Refer 'Scans' for more details.


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