Search for Assets

Assets (systems or hosts in Security Manager Plus) that have been discovered & scanned can be located using the 'Search Assets' search box on the top right-corner of every screen, by specifying the IP address of the DNS name of the host and clicking on the Go button.


The search results will display the systems or hosts that match, along with their OS type, number of vulnerabilities & last scanned time. You can run a scan again from here or generate a vulnerability report for a particular asset. 


An Advanced Search feature is also provided to locate 'scanned' hosts based on select criteria. You can select the desired search options from the list of choices available and supply the value to form a criterion. Any number of such criteria can be specified and can be set to match either all or any one criterion. The Search Results listing the hosts are displayed at the bottom of this screen itself.


You can also search for assets from the Scan Results view for a particular scan. The criteria specified here will be used to search for assets from the chosen scan alone.



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