Manage Credentials

Why do we need credentials ?

Any username/password combination that can be applied to a number of machines with administrator privileges can be pre-configured and stored in the Security Manager Plus database, these credentials are encrypted before storing them in the Security Manager Plus database. This credential will be used during scan to remotely login and identify the asset details, and perform various registry checks (in Windows) to identify related vulnerabilities and missing patches for the assets for which the scan is being performed.

Adding credentials

Go to tab Admin Manage Credential Library

Public key-based authentication


SSH keys (specific to hosts) can be supplied to authenticate Linux hosts before scanning. This is optional to supplying credentials with password.


In order to use this functionality, under the Linux credentials  --> Normal User Login Details, check the 'Public Key Authentication' check-box and provide the User Name and copy-and paste the SSH private key information in the Private Key text-area.


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