Patches Snapshot

The Patches snapshot for Security Manager Plus captures the following information :

From the Patches snapshot, you can drill-down to other views for assets and patches, and you can deploy relevant patches from thereon.


Network Patch Status

Gives you a count of missing Windows patches in your network, based on patch severity. Clicking on the patches count will lead you to a detailed view displaying the list of patches, the number of hosts each patch is missing from, Microsoft bulletin ID etc.


Deploying missing patches to hosts based on severity


You can deploy missing patches by selecting one or more patches and clicking on the 'Deploy' button in the Network Patch Status section. From the subsequent view, the names of hosts in which the selected patches are missing is displayed. Here you can choose the hosts of interest and proceed with the patch deployment.


Top Patches required for your Network

This section lists the important patches that are missing in the network by patch name. It lists the host count against each patch. Clicking on the patch name shows the affected host and the complete patch details. There is a provision to deploy the chosen patch to the hosts listed by selecting host names shown and clicking on the deploy button.


Deploying all missing patches to all hosts


From the 'Top patches' section, click on the 'more' link to see a list of ALL missing patches in your network based on the scans done using Security Manager Plus. From all the All Missing Patches view, you can select patches and click on the 'Deploy Patch' button to see the list of hosts for which each of the patches is missing.


If you select all patches, then you can deploy all missing patches to the desired hosts that miss them, at one go


Most Vulnerable Hosts by missing patches

Here you can see a list of most vulnerable hosts classified based on the severity and number of missing patches. The risk level is also displayed along side the hostname. The risk level is denoted by an increasing progress bar image.


From here, you can drill-down to the Scan Details or Asset Details by clicking on the hostname. For viewing other most vulnerable assets, you can click on the 'more' button at the bottom of this section.


Recently Released Patches

A list of the latest patches that have been updated in our central repository server recently and available in your Security Manager Plus Patches Knowledge Base. Drilling-down by clicking on a patch name link from this section will lead to a view which displays affected hosts & patch details of the chosen patch. The patch can also be deployed on all or any of the hosts from the list displayed.


Patch Database Up-to-date indication


You will need to update the vulnerability database periodically to be in sync with the latest patches that we assess and release in our Central Repository Server. The status indicator icon here & a message in this section, will help indicate whether an update of the Security Manager Vulnerability Database needs to be done. You can do an instant update or schedule an update from here itself.




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