Asset Groups

Asset groups are logical grouping of network IP's. You can group the discovered IP's based on domains and other network entities like switches and routers. You can create a group, say Windows Group for all your Windows machines in your network , Linux Group for all your Linux machines in your network, and even groups for all your Cisco routers or HP switches present in your network. Asset grouping thus provides you with the option to perform selective scanning of desired hosts.


By organizing assets into logical subsections of your network, you can limit the scope of the scan target, making the results and remediation tasks more manageable. Asset groups provide flexibility, allowing for cases where the same assets may be defined in multiple groups having different business priorities.


View Asset Groups

To view the list of existing asset groups, 

Providing credentials for Asset group

You can set the credentials for an asset group (login username and password), which will be applied commonly across all assets in this group. This can be done by clicking on the icon against each group name. Each asset might have been assigned a different set of credentials from the Assets tab, but when it is a part of an Asset group, the credentials applied for the group only will hold good for all vulnerability management operations.


Create a new asset group by grouping existing assets

To create a new asset group follow these instructions :

Alternatively, you can visit the 'Assets' tab, select the Asset Groups sub-tab and click on the 'New Group' button to get to the same screen as above.


Create asset groups from Domain

You can create asset groups by picking up hosts from the different domains available in your enterprise network. 

Note : This feature is available only when the Security Manager Plus server is running in a Windows system.


Create asset groups by importing from CSV file

You can create asset groups by specifying host names or IP addresses of systems in a CSV file, and then importing this file from Security Manager Plus

You can also supply the hostnames/IP address in the 'Device Names' text area provided on this screen, manually and they will be added to the asset group.



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